Letter From Our President

Greeting fellow Arizona Optometric Association Members!

It has been a pleasure to serve as your president over the last year.  After traveling to Washington DC, Portland, Seattle, Boston, St. Louis and Albuquerque to represent the AZOA, I have to say we have an amazing and dedicated association! Our state association is stronger now and has more members than it did even several years ago.  This is an impressive feat especially when you look at different medical associations all over the country that are currently losing members.

This is definitely a unique time to be an Optometrist.  I believe that there has never before been so many opportunities while at the same time so many risks to our profession.  Your AZOA is here to protect you from unscrupulous companies who's only goal is increasing their profits at your (and your patient's) expense.  There will continue to be changes and challenges in our profession but you can count of your Arizona Optometric Association to be there to help you Connect, Evolve and Thrive!

Thank you for the opportunity to represent The Arizona Optometric Association,

2016-2017 AZOA President, Dr. Todd Smith


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