Welcome to the Arizona Optometric Association (AZOA): Arizona’s exclusive professional association for eye doctors. We’re glad you stopped by to see us (no pun intended). Becoming a member of AZOA will expand your knowledge, build your network, protect your profession, and grow your practice by connecting you with more of your peers. We are working to evolve our profession and advocate for the practice of optometry in Arizona. Our goal is to build a thriving community of professionals like you, who care about advancing the profession and helping you to provide the best care for your patients.

To better serve our members and our profession, we've refreshed and revitalized our vision for the organization in order to foster:

• Professional camaraderie & connectivity
• A sense of ownership in our collective success
• Expanded levels of membership value

Together, we can create a stronger organization that improves lives, communities,
and enhances the growth and evolution of our profession.

Letter From Our President

Welcome to the AZOA! We BELIEVE that strength in numbers will lead to a more secure and enjoyable future. Our vision is the AZOA will give you financial security, greater career success and enjoyment as well as provide a vibrant community of colleagues. This is the place to belong with other successful doctors to grow and evolve our profession. Share your unique talents with us and have some fun while making a difference!

Dr. Lil Vogl, President 2015-2016


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